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Developing World Ready Skills in an environment where students can become who they are.

Preparing World Ready Students

Harbor High School is committed to developing world-ready students who are dedicated to  excellence. Harbor High graduates will be productive, involved citizens of their community and the world. Vision: As evidence of their readiness for the world after high school, Harbor High School graduates will:
  • be academically prepared to enroll in a college or a training program related to their future goals, academic accomplishments, personal skills and abilities.
  • strive to reach their highest potential and in so doing will demonstrate World Ready skills.

World Ready Skills

Harbor High graduates will strive to reach their highest potential and in so doing will demonstrate the following life skills and attributes:  
Effective Communicators who:
  • Write and speak with clarity to diverse audiences
  • Communicate in a variety of ways using appropriate medium
  • Listen and read for understanding

Critical and Creative Thinkers who:

  • Apply decision making skills to real situations
  • Apply past learning and experience to new situations
  • Use a variety of information gathering skills, tools and information resources
  • Assess the validity and usefulness of information

Planners who:
  • Manage academic and personal responsibilities
  • Set and work through short and long-term goals 
  • Adjust goals and strategies as necessary

Collaborators who:

  • Use interpersonal skills when working within groups 
  • Contribute to achievement of group goals
  • Acknowledge the contribution of others

Persistent learners who:

  • Problem solve through difficulties without giving up
  • Apply past knowledge to present situations
  • Access resources in order to reach goals