Graduation Requirement

Students are required to pass four years of English.  
To be eligible to attend a 4-year college, 
students must earn a C or higher 
at the end of each semester.  

Our College Preparatory Program
Regular, Honors, Intensive, and AP courses are college preparatory classes and count towards fulfilling the a-g requirement.

9th grade: English 1 or English 1 Intensive 
  • English Learners taking English 1 may also be placed in an additional “Shadow” class which builds language acquisition and the skills necessary to be successful in English 1.
10th grade: English 2 or English 2 Honors 

11th grade: English 3 or AP English Language

12th grade: English 4 or AP Literature & Composition 

Intensive, Honors & AP Program

  • Students who do not take an Intensive class in the 9th grade year may move into an intensive, honors or AP class in later years.
  • A letter of intent is required and students must take the class for the school year.  
  • Summer reading and writing is also required for all English Intensive, Honors and AP courses.  
  • Students who earn a C or higher in the Honors and AP classes receive a weighted grade.
  • Students who pass the AP Exam earn college credit!