English Language Development ELD

English Language Development (ELD)

The ELD Program is designed to assist limited and non-English proficient students to develop their English language skills while they continue to gain academic skills in core subject areas.   Placement in the program is based on initial assessment, CELDT scores and progress through the ELD sequence of courses along with recommendations made by the Language Review Team (LRT).    

What is the CELDT (California English Language Development Test)?

CELDT is an assessment given annually in early October to all students classified as English Learners.  The test evaluates students' oral, reading, listening and writing skills and results are used to determine placement in the appropriate ELD level (Newcomer - ELD 4).  Students must score early advanced to advanced in all of the categories tested to be considered for reclassification as RFEP's (Redesignated Fluent English Proficient). 

What is the LRT ?

The teachers of each English Learner along with our counselors, and Assistant Principal of Curriculum make-up the Language Review Team.  LRTs meet twice a year in the fall and spring to discuss students' progress in their classes and acquisition of the English language.

General Info:  Newcomer ELD - ELD 3
  • Students move from Newcomers, to ELD 1, then ELD 2 and ELD 3.
  • Students exiting from ELD 3 are typically placed into English 1 and an additional course called Shadow which builds language acquisition and the skills necessary to be successful in English 1.
  • Through the LRT process, students with qualifying CELDT and CST scores may be moved up a level at the semester.
  • At times it may be necessary for students to stay at a level more than 1 year  in which case the student will continue to earn credit towards the 4-year English graduation requirement with a passing grade of a D- or higher in the class.
  • ELD courses count towards fulfilling the English graduation requirement.
  • Students taking ELD classes who wish to attend a 4-year college immediately after high school will need to enroll in additional a-g English classes as they progress through high school to be eligible.