Special Education

Special Education Program Information .
  • Enrollment in Special Education courses is restricted to student who qualify based on identified learning disabilities as outlined by federal and state laws.
  • Students in the program are assigned to a Case Manager, a Resource Specialist or Special Day Class Teacher, who monitors their progress in school and helps develop the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).
  • Students are also entitled to all other school support services including academic and personal counseling, and assistance with health needs and behavior management.
  • Students participate in all other mainstream activities including sports, school functions, and extra-curricular groups like clubs and Student Council.
  • The SDC and RSP program works closely with the following specialists:  Workability, Speech, Adaptive PE, Transition Program (ITP).
For additional information, contact School Pscychologist  @ 429-3810  x 1595
Special Day Classes (SDC)
  • Students attend the majority of their academic courses in a self-contained classroom format with one teacher, usually their Case Manager.
  • Students in this program are placed into basic level courses specific to various subject areas  identified in their IEP which typically include the following:
Basic English (fluency reading, short novels, and writing) Basic Math, Algebra Readiness or Algebra I Basic Science (physical or life) Basic Tutorial
  • Elective courses and P.E. are taken in the mainstream program.
  • Tutorial courses are provided for support in mainstream classes through individual tutoring and reinforcement of study skills.
  • SDC courses titled Basic (Basic English, Basic Math, etc.) only count towards elective credit.  Parents should be advised that students who do not take mainstream English, math and other academic classes in the specified subject areas required for graduation will only be eligible to earn a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Attendance.
RSP (Resource) Program

The Resource Specialist Program is open to students  that have an established IEP (Individualized Education Program).  Students attend mainstream courses but  also take a Tutorial to receive additional help with these classes.