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El Departamento de Lenguas Extranjeras de Harbor High Program Information:

World language constitutes an important part in the liberal arts education.  The resultant fluency in the language improves job opportunities, both in the United States and abroad.  Taking world langauges at the higher levels also  strengthens the transcript of high school work when applying to a university and is good preparation for the S.A.T. foreign language exam.   

Course Offerings Freshmen with some prior experience, may enter at the Spanish 2.  An assessment is typically given to provide feedback to students on their readiness to be successful in Spanish 2 or higher.
  • Spanish 1
  • Spanish 2
  • Spanish 3 
  • AP Spanish

Spanish for Spanish Speakers (español) 
  • Spanish Speakers 1 
  • Spanish Speakers 2 
  • AP Spanish
Frequently Asked Questions 

How many years of foreign language study does my student need for college admission? 
The UC and CSU systems require a minimum of two consecutive years in the same language; however, three or four are recommended for competitive programs of entry.  Private universities have their own requirements.   

Where should my student be placed? 
With no prior experience, students should start in Spanish 1. With one to two years of an exploratory middle school program, students may enter into Spanish 1 or Spanish 2.  An assessment is administered in the spring at B40 and Shoreline Middle Schools to those enrolled in such courses to provide the student and parent with feedback regarding the student's readiness to enter into Spanish 2. A score of 70% or above is recommended for students to start in    Spanish 2.   

What if my student has been a part of a language program outside of SCCS? 
Individual assessments can be administered upon request which are available through the WL Department or by Harbor High’s Counseling Department.   

We speak Spanish at home. Should my student take a Spanish for Spanish-Speakers course?
  • Yes, if your student began schooling in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Yes, if s/he speaks Spanish frequently, has good listening skills, and can read and write some Spanish.
  • No, if your student is more English dominant and cannot read/write simple texts in Spanish, or cannot converse or understand native speakers with relative ease.  
  • Student should take the assessment to determine proper placement  (Contact Anne Cappiello above for more info.)