Personality, Values, and Interests


Better understanding yourself and what makes you tick can be a great tool to recognize what career will be fulfilling and enjoyable for you. Are you a leader? An organizer? An analyst? Do you work better with people or on your own? Do you prefer to solve complex problems of logic, or think more fantastically? The below websites are personality quizzes that might give you some insight into the way you interact with the world.



There are so many different career paths out there, many you’ve probably never heard of! These tools will help you explore different careers, and see what sort of schooling and salary are associated with them.



Volunteering is so valuable- not only because it looks great on college applications, but because it allows you to explore different career fields in our community. Considering going into the healthcare world? Volunteer at Dominican Hospital! Considering becoming a teacher? Volunteer to help kids improve their reading skills. There are so many fantastic opportunities in Santa Cruz. And if your feeling daunted, call up the Santa Cruz Volunteer Center. They’ll help match you to opportunities that fit your interests!