Monday - Thursday
7:30am -4:00pm

7:30am - 3:30pm

Phone: 831.429.3810 x1510

The Harbor High School Library provides access to a variety of resources including books, online databases, computers, printing, and services to support students academically. The library and student-use computers are available any time the library is open. Students are required to sign-in when visiting the library during class periods and after school.

Shannon Greene, Teacher Librarian

Grainne Sheinbaum, Textbook Media Clerk

Nga Trinh-Halperin, Library Media Assistant

After School Learning Center picture.jpg

Learning Center

Tuesday - Thursday

2:45- 4:00pm

Teachers and tutors are available for all subject areas with study space, computers, textbooks, and snacks. Get help with your homework or prepare for a test.

Summer Reading and Book Returns

  • All library books are due Friday, May 24th.
  • Any textbooks that are no longer required for class are due now.
  • All textbooks are due on the day of the final or as soon as they are no longer required for class.

Seniors must return all their library and text books to receive their diploma at the graduation ceremony.  

Summer reading assignment books for AP, Intensive, or Honors classes are available in the library for check out.

Summer reading for pleasure books to checkout for the summer are available for students who will be returning to Harbor next fall. Come by and speak with library staff if you are interested.

Please come see us in the library or email if you have any questions.

Bookshop Santa Cruz offers a fantastic reading program each summer that encourages students to read at least six books. Students do not need to purchase a book from Bookshop.
Students who complete the bookmark receive:

$5.00 Bookshop Santa Cruz gift card
Five free rides at the Boardwalk

A Slice of Pizza from Pizza My Heart
A Scoop of Ice-Cream from Penny Ice-Creamery
A Santa Cruz Warrior Prize