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Santa Cruz City Schools student email accounts

Sign in: firstinitiallastname##@sccs-stu.net

(## are the last two digits of student ID)

password: stu##### (##### is your full student ID.)

Example:  Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Student ID#55559

user name: ggarciamarquez59@sccs-stu.net

password: stu55559

Even if a student does not use a second last name very often, if it’s in their student record, it’s likely to be part of the login. 

Las cuentas del correo electrónico de estudiantes de las escuelas de la ciudad de Santa Cruz son asi:


(es el email del estudiante Gabriel García Márquez con número de estudiante 55559)

Email seria:

Inicial de primer nombre, apellido, y segundo apellido (solo si esta registrado con dos apellidos), los dos últimos números de indentificacion de estudiante y @sccs-stu.net

Ejemplo del email del estudiante: Gabriel García Márquez, que tiene el ID de estudiante número 55559:

El email seria: ggarciamarquez59@sccs-stu.net

Ejemplo de la contraseña del estudiante:

Las letras stu y el número completo de identificación, 55559

La contrasena seria: stu55559

Learning Ally help for students

Your login is the part of your student email BEFORE  the @ sign. 

For example, if your student email login is ehernandezgarcia55@sccs-stu.net, your Learning Ally login is ehernandezgarcia55.

Contact your teacher or library staff for the password.

Here are instructions in English or Spanish to download the Learning Ally Audiobook app on personal/home devices and the tech guide for technical guidance. 

This video shows how to add a book to your Learning Ally Audiobook App and how to use the features of the application and set preferences:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLtJ-kfx87U  

Remember, once a title is downloaded to a device, internet access is not needed.

Please email hhslibadmin@sccs-stu.net if you need additional assistance.

Santa Cruz Public Library cards
Get a Card Online to Access the Virtual Library



Begin on the library homepage
Navigate to the right hand corner of the screen where you see an orange button labeled My Account. Click on that button. 

You will be taken to the library sign-in page. Look above the sign-in information where you will see a link to register for a library card. Click on the link. 

Click here to access a video tutorial on how to sign up for a library card online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwjxiWVib7o&feature=youtu.be