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The Harbor High Alumni coordinator is Fred Heitz

You can reach him at 429-3810 ext. 1325

Or you can email him:

Exciting opportunity for All harbor alumni!

An opportunity exists to turn the lights on at Harbor High School!
We’ll have field lights for night football games and for night soccer after the sun goes down games and for night lacrosse games!

These lights will enable:
  • The development of a boys’ and a girls’ soccer team to practice and play
  • A boy’s lacrosse team that can practice more often
  • More practice time for multiple teams (JV and Varsity levels – boys and girls)
  • Enjoy the excitement of Friday night sports
  • More parents – and alumni – watch our students play sports during n1on-working hours
  • And by design, we’ll have greater school spirit and Harbor High pride

Your help is needed!

It will cost $265,000 to cover the costs of permitting, preparing the field, and purchasing four 70-80 feet metal halide lamps between the 10 and 15 yard lines. We have firm commitments from an HH parent, a contractor, who has lined up the necessary people to dig the holes and install the poles.  We have an electrician (perhaps more than one) ready to provide lines and power.  So ....... we actually only need to raise $100,000!!!!!!

Also, the school district has committed to matching all dollar and in-kind donations made.  We currently have about $13,000 (including the match).

We NEED every alumnus to contribute! Please review your 2014 charity budget and find some funds to put towards this worthy project. No amount is too little – and of course, no amount is too much.

Our Athletic Director, Steve Kopald’s dream is to have the lights installed before the first football game this fall: September 6th. We can do it – it’ll take about a month (to six weeks max) to have the lights ordered and installed. But we need to have raised all the money by that date. So, contribute now!

Send your check made payable to Harbor High Athletic Department and note “field lights” in the comment/memo line. Send this to: Steve Kopald, Athletic Director, Harbor High School, 300 LaFonda Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

Thank you for your kind and generous response to this effort! ​