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Reporting Damages and Repairs
  • If any repairs or safety issues occur in your room, office area or on campus, complete a Work Order Request (available from the Student Services Secretary, Natalie Valencia, in the Main Office).  
  • Work orders can also be placed for tasks like putting up white boards and overhead screens,  replacing light bulbs that have gone out, or moving heavy objects.
School Website and Teacher Web Pages
  • We strongly encourage all staff to use to create their own webpage.  It's free.  And simple.  And we can link it to our webpage. 
  • If you need help, ask an administrator or teacher in your department to show you how to make a page on our site.  WAY easy.
  • Things you might want to include on your page:  Contact information, homework assignments, a calendar. 
  • It's easy to add documents that students can download.

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