Harbor Showcase

Harbor Staff lipsync: "You've Got a Friend in Me"

A video production by our Harbor students that captures the year 2018.

This video was produced by the ROP Video Production Class to provide incoming students with an insiders perspective. Welcome to Harbor High School. Home of the Pirates.

Teachers and students at Harbor discuss our instructional focus: Learning Intentions and Success Criteria.

English Learners at Harbor High share their experiences at our school.

A student made film about about their time in high from their Freshman year to their Senior year.

One of Harbor's first place winners for the Water Conservation Coalition of Santa Cruz County video contest our of over 90 entries from 6 schools! See all of the winning videos and see the 4 honorable mentions for Harbor students here. 

ROP Video Production, 4/15/17
Hear where our seniors' plans are after graduation from Harbor High

ROP Video Production created this "Welcome to Harbor High" video in February 2017 to give the students' perspective about why they attend Harbor High. 

Harbor High School's Student Handbook Video. Created by Harbor's ROP Video Productions students in January 2017

The Harbor High School ROP Video Production end of year project celebrates a day in the life at Harbor High School. As the voice over states, "we all have our own story, but for 9 months out of the year, 5 days a week and 6 hours a day, we all come together. This is our home. This is our community." (6/9/16)

World Ready (Kinetic Typography: Instructors, Larkin Wilson (ROP Video Production) and Judith Mayer (AVID) collaborated this project which was designed to define the school’s theme “World Ready”. (5/20/16)

Humans of Harbor: Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s, Humans of New York (HONY), this is Harbor High School’s page.
This was at first only a great idea, that our fabulous ROP Photography and Video Productions teacher, Larkin Wilson, had. But just a few weeks later, we had some pictures to start with, along with a couple of quotes, and after browsing through so many Tumblr themes, we have it.

Skill Rubrics: An informative video about the power of rubrics on teaching and learning.
YouTube video by the HarborROP Video Productions class. (11/18/2015)

The ROP Video Production class of 2015 at Harbor High School created a video representing Harbor through the ages. The video begins in 1968 the year Harbor opened its doors and journeys to present day. (6/9/2015)

A Harbor High School Collaboration between Ms. Cappiello's Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 and Ms. Wilson's ROP Video Production Class. Instituto Cervantes ¡Gracias por su inspiración! (5/8/2014)

The ROP Video Production students at Harbor High in Santa Cruz, California join in the worldwide video craze that has people, offices, colleges and cities from Santa Cruz to Abu Dhabi making "Happy" videos to Pharrell Williams' hit song. (6/14/2014)