Harbor Video Students Win BBB Contest!

Harbor Video Students Win BBB Contest
Posted on 01/14/2019
Harbor Students
Harbor is proud to announce that Steve McFarland, CEO of the Better Business Bureau Silicon Valley visited Harbor High to announce the winners of the BBB Video Contest. (Read the NBC Bay Area story here) Harbor High swept 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prices, as well as a grand prize for the school. Winning teams earned a plaque, a commemorative BBB token and cash (1st place team members won $100 each, 2nd place $50 each, and 3rd place $25 for each team member.  Harbor also earned the grand prize sum of $2,000 for the school.  
1st Place Winners
Mackenzie Hearon
Zora Kreisher
Nolan Glavis
Zach Trebbien
2nd Place Winners
Odalys Castillo
Karen De La Cruz Lepe
Tania Piña Rubalcava
Edric Ruiz
3rd Place Winners
Jayda Aldrich
AJ Garcia
Miranda Hernandez-Valdez 
Hector Torres