Advanced Classes

Intensive, Advanced Placement (AP), and Honors Classes at Harbor

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Students cover the same curriculum as their non-intensive equivalents, but at a faster pace challenging students to work above grade level. These courses are good introductions to Honors or AP classes.

AP Classes

AP classes are the equivalent of college level courses. This includes everything from the amount of reading and level of difficulty of the textual material, to how students are assessed and the overall quality of work students are expected to produce. In fact, the course syllabus has to be approved by a panel of college professors through the College Board. By earning a C or higher, students can earn a weighted grade. Students can also choose to take an end of course AP Exam that, based on their scores, may earn them college credit.


An Honors class parallels the curriculum offered in the corresponding regular class, but may cover additional topics or some topics in greater depth and has a significantly heavier work load. These rigorous courses are good preparation for AP classes. Similar to an AP class, students can also earn a weighted grade by earning a C or higher.

Why should students take an Honors or AP class?

  • Studies conducted by the College Board indicate that students who take AP classes are far more prepared for the next stage of their academic career and are more likely to be successful in college classes and complete college in four  years.
  • Honors and AP classes boost the GPA! Students can actually earn a GPA higher than a 4.0 if they earn straight A’s in general education and AP and Honors classes.
  • Having Honors or AP classes on transcripts increases the chances for admission to a student’s college of choice as well as earning academic scholarships. Each AP class offers an AP exam which, if passed, typically waives the required equivalent at the college level. 
  • Students who pass 5-6 AP Exams during the time they are at Harbor not only meet high school graduation requirements, but in effect, complete a semester of college which can be significantly cost saving.
  • Taking AP classes increases the chance of students being placed in required higher level classes at the college level in subject areas that are sequential like math, science and English.

Weighted Grades

AP and Honors classes give an extra grade point for earning a C or higher in the class (A = 5pts, B = 4pts and C = 3pts).  Receiving a grade of B in an honors class is equivalent to an A when calculating the GPA. This is done because Harbor recognizes that AP and Honors courses are difficult, and we encourage students to challenge themselves.

Intensive, Honors, and AP Courses Offered:

Intensive English 1 
English 2 Honors
AP Art History
AP English Language
AP English Literature
Pre-Calculus Honors
AP Calculus AB
AP Computer Science
AP Statistics
AP Physics 1
AP Chemistry
AP Biology
AP Physics 1
AP Psychology
AP Spanish Language
AP World History
AP United States History
American Government Honors