Attendance Office
Celia Reyes, Attendance Technician
(831) 429-3810 ext. 51064
[email protected]


You Can Check Your Student's Attendance On-line everyday through Infinite Campus.

Parents are welcome to call the Attendance Office at  to check on their student’s attendance.

Good attendance is essential for academic success.  California state law (CA Code 48200) also mandates compulsory education.  This means that all parents/guardians are required to ensure their students attend on a regular basis, and report all excused absences to the school in a timely manner. 

General Policy 
A parent/guardian should notify the Harbor High School Attendance Office by 10:30 am the day following the absence. It is preferred that an absence is excused the day of the absence.

  • A maximum of 3 school days is allowed to clear an absence. After 3 days, administrative approval is required to clear the absence.
  • The Attendance Office phone number is (831) 429-3810 x51064. A parent/guardian may leave a message on our voice mail 24 hours a day,  email, or speak to our Attendance Clerk between the hours of 8:00am - 4:00pm.
  • Students with excused absences may make up missed assignments.
  • Student absences may be excused for the following reasons: illness, medical appointments, court appearances, funerals, and religious observances.
  • Parents are allowed to excuse their students for personal reasons up to three times per year.

Excessive Excused Absences

Daily attendance is crucial to a student’s success in school, and we want to work with families to ensure the least amount of disruption to your student's education.  We understand that students will sometimes miss school for illness or medical conditions, and we follow our district and Board policy to ensure students receive the education they deserve.

According to Board Policy, a student is absent excessively if he or she misses more than 10% of the school year to date or is absent 14 times during the school year. Board Policy also states that if a student shows a pattern of chronic absenteeism due to illness, the school may require physician verification of any further student absences.

If a child has a health condition that interferes with their school attendance, please contact Harbor’s health office at (831) 429-3810 ext. 51067 so we can make note of this condition.  We may ask for a health care plan and we will work with the family to minimize the interruption to the child’s education.

Leaving campus, medical appointments, and going home ill

  • If a student needs to leave school for a medical appointment or other reason, he/she must go to the Attendance Office for a pass before leaving.  Parent/ guardian approval is required.
  • If you need to leave in the middle of a class period, it is important you bring a pass with you from the Attendance Office to release you.  You will still need to check-out through the Attendance Office before leaving.
  • If a student leaves school without a pass, the absence is unexcused and considered a truant  and cannot be excused later even by a parent.
  • Students may leave campus at lunch, but must be back in time for their next class.

Students who are 18 years old may excuse themselves a maximum of 5 times per semester. Contracts are available in the Attendance Office and must be signed by the student and the Assistant Principal in the Student Services office.