IB World School

IB parent Information Night Slide Show (2/3/21) Harbor High School is an IB World School. Our IB courses are open to all students. Through these courses, our students learn to be internationally minded leaders who are ready to solve problems creatively and to build a more peaceful world.

What is IB?

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) is an educational opportunity that spans the eleventh and twelfth grades. Generally, courses are two years in length, and can be taken at the standard or higher level. The IB curriculum is based on inquiry, focused on conceptual understanding, and developed in local and global contexts. This approach allows students to work across disciplines to develop intercultural understanding and navigate their complex, 21st Century world. Students engage with effective learning strategies as they practice thinking, communication, social, self-management, and research skills. The IB DP places a strong emphasis on culture, encouraging students to be both internationally minded and more involved with their local communities as they develop into responsible, intellectually-curious adults ready to confront global challenges.
For more information, contact our IB Coordinator, Kim Lenz, at [email protected]