Harbor Staff

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 Teacher/Staff Course(s) Ext Email 
Nathaniel Alisago Paraeducator 51710 [email protected]
Joseph Allegri PE 51810 [email protected]
Yesenia Anaya* Registrar 51063 [email protected]
Jade Barde Paraeducator   [email protected]
Leda Baxley Paraeducator   [email protected]
Mia Begin Special Ed 51745 [email protected]
Dillon Baiocchi Music 51220 [email protected]
Peter Boscacci CTE-Construction  51780 [email protected]
Crysta Bullard Math  51410 [email protected]
Amy Bullock English 51360 [email protected]
Robert Byram* Math 51440 [email protected]
Kristina Cabrera Special Ed 51725 [email protected]
Anne Cappiello* Spanish 51388 [email protected]
Chris Carlson Science 51960 [email protected]
Joseph Chanin-Meiers Math/Computer Science   [email protected]
John Churilla English 51350 [email protected]
Jeff Clarke Drama 51210 [email protected]
Shad Coffey Assistant Principal 51040 [email protected]
Brandon Defalco Paraeducator   [email protected]
Maria DePaolis Spanish 51610 [email protected]
Juan Diaz Perez Paraeducator 56040/51128 [email protected]
  Food Services    
John Dunn Social Studies 51315 [email protected]
Bassel Faltas Health 51230 [email protected]
Dylan Fleisch Social Studies 51740  
Guy French Social Studies 51355 [email protected]
Teresa Gaims Social Studies 51310 [email protected]
Anna Garcia Mental Health Counselor   [email protected]
Joanna Garcia* Counseling office 51048 [email protected]
James Gaynor Campus Supervisor 51066 [email protected]
Lyndsey Gould Theater Tech   [email protected]
Shannon Greene Librarian 51510 [email protected]
Elijah Gregory Special Ed 56040 [email protected]
Jeffry Hagar  English 2 Intensive 51385 [email protected]
Gwen Heskett English 2 Intensive
IB English 1
51325 [email protected]
Megan Hill PE 51830 [email protected]
Orla Holladay Special Ed 51710 [email protected]
Lian Jeeawoody Science 51940 [email protected]
Kim Jorgensen Food Services 1600 [email protected]
Kim Kauss Food Services  1600 [email protected]
Acadia Kimball Food Services 1600 [email protected]
Todd Kramer IT Support 51540  
Renee Lesea Mental Health SAIL 51128 [email protected]
Elnora Lewis Special Ed 51770 [email protected]
Juan Lopez* Counselor 51042 [email protected]
Joshua Lowe AVID 1490 [email protected]
Soraya Lugo Library 51510  [email protected]
Dorothy Manzo Paraeducator   [email protected]
CJ Mark Graphic Design 51750 [email protected]
Chrissy Mata Yearbook 51750  
Judith Mayer Social Studies 51365 [email protected]
Lissa McCullough RTI Coordinator 51041 [email protected]
Pete McKenzie  Science 51990 [email protected]
Gavin Meeker* Spanish 51127 [email protected]
Sarah Millar  Math 51420 [email protected]
Madeline Mitchell School Psychologist   [email protected]
Anarbol Mojica* Custodian
[email protected]
Cesar Mojica* Custodian
[email protected]
Cory Montanez Health Clerk 51067 [email protected]
Michelle Mulligan English 2 Intensive
51305 [email protected]
George Narlesky Math 41480 [email protected]
Theresa Novak Paraeducator 51700/51725 [email protected]
Hollis O'Brien Athletic Director 51850 [email protected]
Kyle O'Brien Science 51920 [email protected]
Matt Oderman Social Studies 51320 [email protected]
Suzzanne Ordway Assistant Principal 51060 [email protected]
Aime Ortiz Campus Supervisor 51066  [email protected]
Kelly Paulsen Principal's Secretary 51020 [email protected]
Nikki Pendergraft Math  51430 [email protected]
Desiree Perez English 2 Intensive 51740 [email protected]
Laura Quintero Secretary, Student Services 51010 [email protected]
Elaina Ramer* Math 51460 [email protected]
Crystal Ramirez* Counselor 51046  [email protected]
Vanessa Raynal Food Services 1600  [email protected]
Amanda Reilly Counselor 51044 [email protected]
Celia Reyes Attendance 51064 [email protected]
Carmia Powell Special Ed 56040 [email protected]
Nereida Robles* Social Worker 51092 [email protected]
Rodrigo Robles-Ruiz* Custodian 1515 [email protected]
Jolene Rodriguez Paraeducator 51028/51128 [email protected]
Oscar Rodriguez* Spanish 51126 [email protected]
Julie Rogers Credit Recovery
[email protected]
Tracey Runeare Principal 51050 [email protected]
Matt Ryan CTE-Sports Medicine   [email protected]
Alissa Saylor Social Studies 51388 [email protected]
Holly Schipper Special Ed 51702/51725 [email protected]
Ellie Schoelen Leadership/AVID 51094 [email protected]
Matt Schutz Science 51970 [email protected]
Tegan Shanahan Math 51450  [email protected]
Lindsay Shimasaki Science
51920 [email protected]
Grainne Sheinbaum Library 51510 [email protected]
Alie Simpson Art 51250 [email protected]
Justin Smith Bike Tech 51611 [email protected]
Elisa Solano School Psychologist 51595 [email protected]
Daniela Solis Paraeducator   [email protected]
Patti Souvey Finance clerk 51030 [email protected]
Donna Marie Stahl CTE- Medical Technologies
Health Careers
51061 [email protected]
Margaret Starrett IB English 1 51374 [email protected]
Melissa Stayerman Paraeducator 56040/51128 [email protected]
Ruth Strickland Special Ed 51128 [email protected]
John Teachout Paraeducator 56040/51128 [email protected]
Hector Tolamatl* Custodian   [email protected]
Hannah Tool IB English 1 1390 [email protected]
Blake Toro Science
[email protected]
Rosario Weckler* Community Coordinator 51055 [email protected]
Katrina Wedding IB Coordinator/AVID 51094 [email protected]
Frank Wessels Art 51260 [email protected]
Laura Wickman Paraeducator 51745 [email protected]
Julie Williams Paraeducator 51770 [email protected]
Sheri Williams CTE Counselor   [email protected]
Larkin Wilson CTE-Photography
Video Production
  [email protected]
Sara Wright Social Studies 51320 [email protected]