Technical Pathway


The ROP Program is a great way to explore different career paths.The Santa Cruz County Regional Occupational Program (ROP) provides students with the opportunity to acquire career training and technical skills that prepare them for success in a changing workplace and continuing education. ROP provides job training for youth 16 and older. ROP works closely with local employers and many classes offer on-the-job training. Follow-up studies of our students indicate program completers have a high rate of job placement.

For a full list of ROP Programs, check out this link. ROP is not just at Harbor High, in fact, there are courses offered across the county.

At Harbor, the ROP Porgram is run by Sheri Williams. Sheri’s contact info is as follows:

Sheri Williams 
ROP Program Coordinator 
[email protected]



A vocational school is a way to get a particular training or certification for a specific program. Examples of this would be training to become a medical assistant, massage therapist, automotive service technician, cosmetologist, or computer information technologist.

Some benefits to attending a vocational school are

-They provide a more direct path into a career

-They’re general cheaper and take less time than a 4-year college

-There are many virtual, on-line programs that allow for schedule flexibility

Sound like this might be right for you?

Check out the RWM vocational schools database at: 

RWM provides a database of Private Postsecondary Vocational Schools in all 50 states. It is organized first by State, then by Training Occupation.



An apprentice is an employee who receives an hourly wage and other benefits while learning a craft/trade. The vast majority of training occurs on-the-job, and is supplemented by classroom instruction. The apprentice works side-by-side with an experienced craftsperson or "journeyperson."

To look up opportunities for apprenticeships in California, go to:




Considering going straight into the workforce upon graduating? Check out what opportunities are out there for recent grads. Do a job search for a particular region, occupation, or both, at local job-search websites. Some good places to start: