*Due to COVID-19 there are have many admission testing requirement changes. UC and CSU are Test Blind (no longer requiring or accepting SAT or ACT scores for Fall 2022 admission). If you are applying to out-of-state or private schools please be sure to check each individual schools testing requirement.

Current Sophomore and Juniors: 


The PSAT is a great way to familiarize yourself with the layout and method of the SAT. Additionally, it’ll submit you for consideration for the National Merit Scholarship when taken during the junior year. The PSAT includes three sections: Math, Writing and Language, and Reading. 


Some colleges may still require one of these tests, but it’s up to you to decide which is better suited for you. They’re quite alike in most regards- similar question style and similar structure. The one notable difference is that the ACT has a science section, though don’t fear-this is focused on your critical analysis skills and not your science knowledge. Some people say the SAT is a better fit if you need a bit more time on standardized tests. There’s really only one way to figure out which test feels best, and that’s to take a practice test or work on practice questions. You can do this for free at test-prep websites like Kahn Academy and Princeton Review


Structure: Four sections are Reading, Writing, Math without a calculator, and Math with a calculator. Optional essay.

Scoring: Possible score of 1600. 800 for reading and writing, 800 for math. Writing section is scored separately.

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Structure: 4 sections. English, Math, Reading, Science, plus optional essay

Scoring: Possible score of 36. Average score from the four sections.

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