Student login information

Santa Cruz City Schools student email accounts

How to access your SCCS student account First letter of your name, last name, last 2 digits of your student ID Example: Juan Hernandez, ID: 12345 ‘s email would be  [email protected]et The password for your account is “stu” followed by your 5 digit student ID number Example: stu12345
Como acessar tu cuenta de SCCS
Primera letra de tu nombre, apellido, los dos últimos números de tu ID, Ejemplo: Juan Hernandez, ID: 12345 sería [email protected]
La contraseña para tu cuenta es: “stu” seguido por los 5 números de tu ID Ejemplo: stu12345

Consolidate Gmail and Zoom accounts
Students need to consolidate Zoom and their student Gmail accounts one-time only. If you are having any problems accessing or participating in Zoom meetings, try these steps.

How to consolidate student Gmail and Zoom accounts