Learning Ally

Learning Ally is an audiobook tool. 

With Learning Ally you can listen to books read aloud by human voices (not a machine) through an app on your smartphone, or through Clever with your school email login. Books available through Learning Ally include almost all of the books you’ll be assigned in any English class at Harbor, many of our textbooks, and books you can read on your own for fun.

Learning Ally Audiobook Solution: students and teachers now access through Clever.

Instructions for Chromebook or other computer.
*Log in to your school Gmail account. *Go to the Clever portal in the "SCCS Bookmarks" folder on your bookmarks bar. (clever.com/in/sccs) *Select the "Log in with Google" option.
*Open the "Learning Ally App" in your Clever applications. *Click "Start Reading: Try our online reading experience"

For more detailed login information, click here If you have questions or need more information please send an email to [email protected] If you have any trouble accessing your account, please come by the library during open hours, 8am-4pm on school days, or call the library during open hours: x51510.
Instructions for Smartphone App