• Harbor Mission statement

  • Educating all students to become critical thinkers and globally-minded community members.

    Harbor Vision Statement

    Where adults and students are respectful and own their learning. Harbor High graduates are college and career ready and equipped with the skills needed to become the best version of themselves.

    School Goals:
    1. We will have clarity of learning for all students 2. We will provide targeted interventions for all students with a focus on EL, Hispanic/Latino, and SED

    Staff Values

    We know all students can learn.

    We respect and believe in students.

    We use data and research to design and improve curriculum.

    We have clear and consistent student expectations.

    We are kind, caring, and accessible.

    We have high expectations and clearly-communicate success criteria.

    We collaborate for students.

    We are flexible and adaptable.

    We make student-centered decisions.

    We grow professionally to meet student needs.

    We listen and engage with each other professionally,  respectfully and openly.

    We are responsive and supportive.

    We value and communicate with our stakeholders.

    We believe in our school.